The Central Ohio Health Care Consortium (COHCC) has a great story, and it is finally being told.  With its five pillars of strength, one can easily see the value proposition of the COHCC:

Financially Sound

  • Reserves at long-term financially sound levels
  • Monthly billing rates developed by Wells Fargo Actuarial Services
  • Specific and aggregated stop-loss coverage in effect
  • Stop-loss carrier is A+ Rated by AM best
  • Implemented Fiduciary and D&O policy to mitigate risk
  • COHCC retains outside legal counsel
  • Annual Independent Adutitor reportsPlan Integrity

Plan Integrity

  • COHCC has been in effect for over 20 years
  • Renewals well below that of state and national trends
  • Joint Self Insurance Agreement updated every three years as voted on by each entity
  • Each entity has rates sets as a function of their own claims experience in relation to the performance of the consortium as a whole
  • UHC’s Choice Plus network


  • Each entity has a seat at the table for monthly board meetings (Voice and a Vote)
  • Claims experience at both Consortium level and per Entity level
  • Opportunity to meet with carrier representatives
  • Get to know your fellow COHCC Members
  • COHCC approves pricing for prospective new members
  • Subcommittee for finance, benefits, and cost care management


  • No financial barriers to entry
  • No penalties to exit
  • COHCC currently has 6 plan design options with more to come
  • Ability to keep current plan if required by union contracts or desired to minimize employee disruption
  • Not committed to one carrier and will market a la carte
  • Wells Fargo and the COHCC recognize that your needs might be different from others

Forward Thinking

  • On-site and near-site health centers
  • Telehealth services (both video and telephonic)
  • Outcomes-based wellness programs
  • Evolving consumer-directed health plan concepts
  • Wells Fargo Compliance team host educational webinar/seminar for what is on the healthcare horizon