Established in 1992, the Central Ohio Health Care Consortium (COHCC) is a group of eleven governmental entities joined in a collaborative effort to manage a group health plan program for its employees. By pooling resources, member entities spread risk amongst one another within the self-funded pool rather than seeking fully-insured health insurance plans individually, providing long-term pricing stability.

The COHCC is governed by a Board of Directors, each member holding one vote on matters of the Board, regardless of the size of the entity. Our “one voice, one vote” approach has served us well for over twenty years.

Transparency is a key tenet of our Consortium. During monthly COHCC Board meetings we review YTD claims experience, consider short-term and long-term benefit strategies, and conduct other consortium business. All health plan information is available to each member entity’s designated representative keeping with HIPAA and other laws/regulations applicable to self-funded health plans. 

In compliance with the Transparency in Coverage regulations, through UnitedHealthcare, UMR, and HealthSCOPE Benefits creates and publishes the Machine-Readable Files on behalf of the members of the Central Ohio Health Care Consortium. To link to the Machine-Readable Files, please click on the URL provided: https://transparency-in-coverage.uhc.com/

The COHCC has three primary goals:

  1. Administer benefit plan claims effectively and efficiently
  2. Retain any unused premium dollars to offset future claims and premium increases.
  3. Study utilization patterns to optimize health care purchasing decisions, improve provider relations, and seek new ways to effectively manage health care costs.